Dental Implants

Many people experience tooth loss due to cavities, dental disease or trauma. Dental implants are frequently applied in the treatment of missing teeth as a reliable, aesthetic and safe method.

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Smile Design In Turkey

Average Accommodation in Turkey: 7-8 Days
Clinic Visits: 5-6 Times
Operation Duration: 40-60 Minutes
Anesthesia: Local-Sedation-General

Smile design examinations include detailed aesthetic analyzes in which aesthetic criteria of teeth, gums and lips are evaluated. Our cosmetic dentists are ready to help you along this journey.

Crowns (Full Veneers)

Due to its economic prices, educated physicians and quality treatment opportunities at international standards, Turkey is frequently mentioned in the world about aesthetic dentistry practices. Crown veneer is one of the most preferred aesthetic dentistry applications in Turkey. Three crown types are;

• Metal fused porcelain crowns
• Zirconium crowns
• Full ceramic crowns

Who We Are

Acardent was established at the heart of the city centre. In favor of long years of experience, surgical extractions, implants, veneers, crowns and sinus lifting operations are conducted by specialists such as oral surgeons, cosmetic dentists and prosthodontists. Otherwise, these procedures could be complex for general dentists.

At this point, it must be remembered that Turkish dentists are globally recognized for their top-level qualifications, expertise and experience. Our founders, Mr. and Mrs. Acar succeeded in reflecting their marriage harmony to their business life and clinical practice. As physicians, they are appreciated by their colleagues for their success and congruity.  Both ensure thousands of foreign patients their ideal and happy smiles for years. Including them, all dentists working for us are affiliated with the Turkish Dental Association, but that’s not all!

How We Work

First of all, take six clean intraoral photos from different angles (open mouth – closed mouth – upper jaw – lower jaw – right angle – left angle) with a mobile phone. Send them to us via our communication channels, attaching your x-ray films. State your demands in detail for expert dentists to evaluate. We reply to you in 24 hours with a quotation

Upon your consent, reservation department arranges your itinerary depending on your suitability. The department helps with flights, accommodation options and many more

Subsequent to your arrival at Turkey, a private professional guide welcomes you at the airport. He transfers you to your hotel; helps you with your check-in. The next day, the guide transfers you to Acardent Clinic with a VIP vehicle. Your treatment begins on the same day

Afterwards, don’t neglect taking advantage of sunny Mediterranean weather and blue beaches in Antalya.


Be Proud Of Your Smile


Acardent is proud of its expert team. Implant operations are performed by specialized implantologists in the clinic. Numerous implant operations have been successfully completed to date.

Crowns(Full Veneers)

Crowns are one of the most preferred interventions in cosmetic dentistry. When applied by specialists, it is impossible to distinguish between crowns and natural teeth.

Laminate Veneers

Laminate veneers are among the most preferred applications in cosmetic dentistry along with crowns. Thanks to veneers, it is possible to achieve an aesthetic smile with minimum abrasion on tooth surfaces.

Smile Design

Smile design applied within the scope of cosmetic dentistry requires an interdisciplinary approach.  Implant, crown, laminate veneer and surgical operations are the most common cosmetic applications while designing a new smile.

All On 4

Every year, many edentulous patients from abroad apply to our clinic. The most common treatment for these patients is the All on 4 treatment. Treatment is carried out with world-renowned implant brands.

General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is becoming very popular day by day among those who suffer from dentist phobia in Turkey. As Acardent, we are proud to offer general anesthesia service, which is not among the facilities of most dental clinics.

Before & After Photos

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  • Acardent is an Authorised International Health Provider by Ministry of Health in Turkey.
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