Since bruxism affects a person's daily life, the causes of the problem must be identified as soon as possible. After the diagnosis by a dentist, required treatment methods should be carried out without wasting time. As Acardent, we offer awareness and simple phases of treatments addressing to patients suffering from bruxism. It can be treated with gum shields and botox injections in jaw muscles.


Average Accommodation in Turkey: 1-2 Days
Clinic Visits: 1-2 Times
Operation Duration: 20 Minutes
Anesthesia: None

Why Do People Grind Their Teeth? Teeth Clenching Causes
Clenching occurs due to stress at a very early age. It is characterized as a problem of this new era. This disease, which is seen both in childhood and adulthood, causes permanent tooth damage and jaw joint disorders if it is not treated.

What is Clenching (Bruxism)? What are the Symptoms?
Clenching occurs involuntarily during sleep due to the stress of daily life. People often do not realize that they grind their teeth during sleep. When they wake up in the morning, they experience intense tooth and muscle pain. In some cases, clenching may continue during the day.

What are the Causes of Clenching Teeth?
It was thought that clenching was only caused by the incompatibility of the lower and upper jaw in the past but today, even people who do not have jaw problems can experience clenching. This problem is generally caused by intense stress.

What are Teeth Clenching Treatment Methods in Turkey?
First of all, awareness should be created for this situation. Prolonged chewing gum and biting hard objects should be avoided as much as possible. At the initial stage, treatment methods such as gum shield and botox may be applied. If severe jaw joint damage is developed, advanced surgical procedures may be needed.

What Causes Teeth Clenching and Grinding? Does Clenching Cause Headaches?
Head, face and toothaches are initial complaints. Over time, if not treated the complaints increase and even it becomes very difficult to eat. Clenching also causes difficulty in opening and closing the mouth due to jaw problems.

Why Does Pain Occur as a Result of Clenching Teeth?
Excessive chewing force on the teeth and jaw muscles working more than normal, mostly trigger the clenching teeth.

How Do I Fix Clenching My Teeth? How is Teeth Grinding Treatment Performed?
The appropriate treatment option is decided after a dentist examination. Gum shield, botox injections or, if it is excessive, surgical procedures are preferred.

Is My Jaw Joint Problem Caused by Grinding Teeth?
Jaw joint disorders might begin to appear if clenching is not treated.

Why Does My Jaw Make a Noise When I Yawn or Eating? Could My Jaw Have Been Dislocated?
In severe jaw joint disorders, symptoms such as noise from the joint, shifting in the jaw and intense pain may occur due to the decrease in the fluid in the jaw joint. In very advanced cases, the joint may become dislocated.

Whenever I Yawn, My Jaw Stays Open. I Have Trouble Closing It. Is There a Treatment?
It would be best to consult a specialist dentist as soon as possible when you faced with such ailments.

I Can’t Open My Jaw and I Have Pain When I Move My Jaw? Could My Jaw Have Dislocated?
Jaw dislocation and spasm are quite different from each other. It is not possible to close the mouth in a jaw protrusion case. A specialist dentist should locate the removed joint to its original position with emergency intervention.

Could My Jaw Joint Discomfort be the Cause of My Headache?
There are so many causes of headache and jaw joint disorders are among them

What Kind of Treatments Will be Applied for My Jaw Joint Disease in Turkey?
The treatment of jaw joint problems varies according to the diagnosis of your doctor. It is not possible to apply the same treatment methods for every patient.

Harms of Clenching Teeth
Clenching causes wear, cracks, chipping and breaks in the teeth over time.

Effects of Clenching on Tooth Restorations
Abrasions and fractures may occur in the restorations as a result of the intensive chewing force.

What is a Gum Shield?
This is a plaque used to prevent clenching of the teeth during sleep. Deterioration of the tooth structure is accordingly stopped.

What is Suggested for Teeth Clenching?
Minimizing the forces on the jaw joints is suggested.

Botox Application for Teeth Clenching in Turkey
Botox is applied to the overworked jaw joint muscles, preventing its contraction and preventing teeth clenching.

Teeth Clenching Turkey
Teeth clenching is a common problem across our country among our citizens. We provide the healthiest solution for our patients.

Teeth Clenching Treatment Prices 2022
You can check the price page on our website for teeth clenching treatment prices in 2022.
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