Dental Filling

Dental fillings are more than treatment in Turkey. Fillings are cosmetic interventions that help the tooth gain an aesthetic appearance as well as close the cavities in your tooth. Especially, if it is visible in your mouth, fillings should be made with this perspective. All treatments in our clinic are carried out meticulously in a way that meets the aesthetic expectations of our patients. Even a simple filling is performed by a cosmetic dentist.

Dental Filling in Turkey

Average Accommodation in Turkey: None
Clinic Visits:
1 Time
Operation Duration:
30 Minutes

What is Dental Filling?
One of the treatment methods in dentistry is tooth filling. The usage of dental fillings are quite common. The teeth might be rotten, cracked or broken and decayed teeth lose their function over time. The teeth are treated with different filling methods for such problems.

Dental filling, which has a long history of application, prevents losing your teeth completely. It stops the progression of dental caries if it is applied on time.

How Is Tooth Filling Made in Turkey?
The stages of tooth filling are as follows;
• The relevant area is anesthetized with local anesthesia
• The rotten part is extirpated
• Filling material is applied with an appropriate filling material.
• Afterwards, the height control is done on the surface of newly filled tooth
• The filling surface is polished

Types of Dental Fillings in Turkey
Your dentist determines which filling material is suitable for your tooth. Silver amalgam fillings and white composite fillings are the two filling types. Composite fillings are more commonly preferred today for aesthetic reasons.

To Whom Tooth Filling Is Applied?
Dental fillings are used for aesthetic reasons in discolored, decayed and broken teeth. If your dentist deems it appropriate, a dental filling can be applied to everyone.

What is Composite Filling?
Composite fillings are obtained by combining plastic and fine glass particles. Having an aesthetic appearance allows it to be used commonly. Composite fillings are preferred because the filling color is compatible with the tooth.

What is Amalgam Filling?
Amalgam fillings are made up of mercury, tin, copper and silver. This type of filling is used especially in the filling of posterior teeth. It is highly resistant to pressure and chewing. Usage of amalgam filling has been gradually decreasing in recent years and it has been replaced by different types of dental fillings. The possibility of the patient being allergic to mercury reduced the use of such fillings.

Dental Filling Application Phases in Turkey
The filling process is performed under local anesthesia. People are less affected by the operation thanks to local anesthesia. First of all, the rotten tissue consisting of harmful bacteria is removed. Then, filling is done with filling materials. The duration of the operation depends on tooth quantity needed to be filled. The dental filling is a treatment method frequently applied with its durable structure.

Using a Filled Tooth
You should be careful and avoid all situations that will cause sensitivity after filling treatment.

Turkey Dental Filling Prices 2022
You can check the price page of our website for dental filling prices in 2022.
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