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Acardent is proud of its expert team. Implant operations are performed by specialized implantologists in the clinic. Numerous implant operations have been successfully completed to date. The finest quality dental products and world-renowned implant brands are used in the operations. We also offer a lifetime warranty on our implants. Thanks to the right treatments, appropriate and consistent price policy, many patients apply to our clinic for implant operations from the UK, USA and European countries every year. We assure you that in our clinic equipped with the latest technology, you receive the best treatment.

Dental Implant in Turkey

Average Accommodation in Turkey: 4-5 Days

Clinic Visits: 3-4 Times

Operation Duration: 40-50 Minutes

Anesthesia: Local-Sedation-General

What is a Dental Implant?
Dental implants; are placed in the jawbone in order to restore function and aesthetics in the missing tooth gap in the mouth. Implants are biocompatible screws that mimic the root of the tooth. The treatment of missing teeth is completed with crowns, bridges or removable dental prostheses placed on these screws.

Many people experience tooth loss due to cavities, dental disease or trauma. For many years, the only method applied for the treatment of missing teeth was dental bridges. Besides, another preferred treatment method was dentures. However, today, dental implants are frequently applied in the treatment of missing teeth as a more reliable, more aesthetic and more permanent method.

How is Dental Implant Treatment Applied in Turkey?
It is a concern for many patients since dental implant treatment is a surgical operation. Various questions come to the mind of the patient and cause confusion like “What is it like being anesthetized or How will be the post-procedure process?” However, contrary to popular belief, implant surgery is not a difficult or fearful treatment method.

First of all, the general health condition of the patient is evaluated and an intraoral examination is performed. With radiographic images, it is seen whether the existing bone is suitable for the implant. The length, diameter and number of implants are decided by making millimetric measurements on this radiograph. After the precise planning, the surgical operation is started under local anesthesia. Slots for implants are prepared in the jawbone. Implants are placed in these opened slots and the process is terminated by suturing. The temporary tooth is prepared as moulding the teeth. The treatment is finalized by placing the permanent prosthesis on the implant when it arrives in the clinic from the laboratory in estimated time.

How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Take in Turkey?
The duration of the operation varies according to the number of implants to be made. If additional surgical procedures are needed, the operation time can be prolonged. The bone structure and the bone volume are also determining factors.
Firstly, two or three months of healing interval must be waited after the implant is placed in jaw bone for the bone and the implant to merge (osteointegration). If such a healing process is needed after the placement of the implant, a temporary tooth is prepared for the patient. The patient with a temporary tooth can return to his country to come to the clinic at the end of the estimated recovery period. When the prescribed time is completed, the integration of the bone and the implant has been completed. The patient comes back to the clinic and measurements are taken for the superstructure. Material and color are chosen. The treatment is completed by placing the prepared prosthesis on the implant. Eventually, the implant operation is performed in two stages. Patient must come to Turkey for the second time. In addition to this, if the patient’s bone is not healthy enough and insufficient, extra surgical procedures can be applied so as to increase bone density. Consequently, the recovery period required for the placement of the prosthesis may rise up to 6 months. However, there are different types of implants that will reduce this time.

Secondly, in some cases, a method called immediate loading can also be used. If the patient has a healthy jawbone, there is no need for a long recovery period after the implant is placed. The permanent prosthesis is prepared and placed on the implant before the patient returns to his country. In this case, there is no need for the patient to go to his country and return again. All treatment is completed in a short time. For this method, called immediate loading, the patient is expected to have a suitable bone structure. The decision for this operation is taken by the specialist physicians as a result of the necessary tests.

What Is Done In the First Dental Examination Turkey?
During the first appointment, necessary clinical and radiographic examinations are performed. First of all, the general health condition of the patient is evaluated. Intra-oral examination is done. With radiographic images, it is assessed whether the existing bone is suitable for the implant. The length and diameter of the implant and the number of implants are decided by making millimetric measurements on this radiograph.

How Long Does a Dental Implant Last?
Implant treatment is preferred by thousands every year. The most frequently asked and researched questions by people who are considering a dental implant are “how long does the dental implant operation last? or how long does the dental implant last?” If implants are taken care of well enough, their lifespan is quite long. Most implant manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their products. However, this guarantee includes the screw system placed in the jawbone. The lifespan of the upper structure of the implant is closely related to the oral care of the person. In some cases in oral care is neglected, the compatibility of the upper structure with the gingiva may fail and the infection in the surrounding tissue may occur. With regular dentist control and good oral care, the life of implant treatment is quite long. Prosthetic teeth made on implants can be exposed to wear and tear over time, so they require periodic maintenance and cleaning.

What are the Benefits of a Dental Implant?
The benefits of dental implant treatment to people can be listed as follows;
• Since it is applied without any support from neighboring teeth, it does not harm other teeth
• It offers the closest appearance to the natural tooth structure in terms of aesthetics
• It helps to regain the deteriorated chewing function
• The full and visually beautiful teeth in the mouth contribute positively to the self-confidence of the person
• Compared to other methods, a dental implant is a long-lasting treatment
• Since it is not different from your natural teeth, you can continue to clean your prosthetics in the same way after implant treatment
• You do not need to restrict your behavior in daily activities such as eating, talking and laughing
• You can return to your daily life as soon as possible after the operation

What are the Advantages of Dental Implant Compared to Dental Bridge?
Dental bridge is applied by having support from neighboring teeth to close the missing tooth gap. In order to apply this treatment, the adjacent teeth that are supported must have sufficient strength. Bridge treatment requires reduction of adjacent teeth. In implant treatment, there is no need to apply any procedure to the adjacent teeth. The treatment is carried out by placing the implant only in the missing tooth gap. Implant treatment is a more conservative approach in dentistry.
Both the height and width of the jawbone begin to deteriorate after tooth loss. Neighboring teeth may bend into the cavity if some time has passed after tooth loss. For this reason, implant treatment should be applied as soon as possible. Otherwise, further surgical procedures may be needed as a result of bone deterioration.

Is Dental Implant Necessary for Every Missing Tooth?
In case of multiple missing teeth, it is not necessary to make a new dental implant for each missing tooth. Instead, prostheses can be applied on the implants in the form of bridges depending on the number of missing teeth. Even in an edentulous patient, all the teeth in the entire jaw can be replaced by using “All on 4” system, which is supported by 4 implants.

The implant operation is performed under local anesthesia. In this respect, the patient does not feel any pain during the operation. Some aches may occur following the operation but these are mostly prevented with prescribed painkillers without causing too much inconvenience.
Patients who have had implants mostly claim that the operation is easier than they expected.

Is It Possible for the Body to Not Accept the Dental Implant?
Implants are usually made of titanium, and titanium is a biocompatible material for the human body. Although rare, some people may be allergic to titanium. In such cases, implants made of different materials are preferred. In addition, the success rate of implant surgery decreases in systemic conditions such as diabetes, osteoporosis and smoking. The exceptional conditions of these patients should be considered for surgery.
In addition, the implant may fail due to poor oral care and infection. Excessive chewing force on the newly operated implant damages healing in the early period. For this reason, it is necessary to wait for a certain healing process for the implant to integrate with the bone.

What are the Advantages of the Implant?
The advantages of dental implants can be listed as follows:
• Offers an aesthetic appearance
• Appears similar to natural teeth
• Provides the chewing function effectively
• Prevents the continuation of bone deterioration resulting from tooth loss
• Increases the stability of removable prostheses
• Provides fixed prosthesis options in edentulous mouths
• It is a conservative treatment method

How Many Implants Can Be Made for an Edentulous Patient?
Except for wisdom teeth, a healthy mouth should have 28 teeth. However, dental implants are not necessary for all missing teeth. A removable or fixed prosthesis can be planned in the absence of teeth in the entire jaw. This planning is made according to the general and oral health condition of the patient. When a fixed prosthesis is planned, the number of implants also increases. In addition, it is necessary to consider the lower and the upper jaw separately in planning. Because the upper jaw bone is softer than the lower jaw so more implants are needed for the upper jaw. The lower jawbone is harder than the upper jawbone.
The number of implants is decided according to length and width of the bone and its quality etc. If the bone is insufficiently well, the number of implants can be increased.
In the new “All on 4” system, a fixed prosthesis can be applied even on 4 implants by placing the implants with angles in jawbone. The appropriate number of implants for the patient is decided after the physician’s examination. For detailed information, you can contact our clinic.

What are the Differences between the Implant Brands in Turkey?
There exist hundreds of different brands of dental implants. There are different types of implants according to their surface properties, shapes, superstructures, lengths and diameters. Price differences generally occur according to the origin of the implants. At the same time, since the world-renowned implant brands are quite popular, the prices of these brands vary accordingly.
The success of the implant operation is determined by the knowledge, skills and experience of the surgeon performing the operation as much as the implant brand. In our clinic, world-renowned finest implant brands such as Straumann, Medentica, Neodent and Nobel are applied by specialist dentists.

Does it Damage the Jaw Bone?
Implant treatment performed by a good dentist under appropriate conditions does not harm the jawbone. On the contrary, it reduces the bone resorption that occurs as a result of tooth loss. Oral care is very important after implantation. Neglecting oral care may result in the loss of the implant.

Does Implant Cause Allergy?
Most implants are made of titanium. Titanium is biocompatible to the human body. Although rare, some people may have a titanium allergy. In such cases, implants made of different materials such as zirconium may be preferred.

Will My Body Accept the Implant?
Under suitable clinical conditions in implant operations, there is no such risk that the body’s rejection of the implant. Whether the patient has a systemic disease and whether oral care is performed appropriately is also a determining factor.

Immediate Implant Loading in Turkey
After implant surgery, it is necessary to wait a few months for the implant to fuse with the bone. However, in cases with sufficient bone volume, early loading can be done without waiting for this healing period. Your dentist decides whether you are suitable for this procedure. In this method, called immediate loading, the entire treatment can be completed within a few days.

What Are Implant Parts?
Implant parts;
• Titanium screw (the part placed in the jaw)
• Gingiva (gum-forming part)
• Abutment (the metal part in the form of a minimized tooth)
• Impression post (the part used while taking the impression)
• Superstructure (crown)

What is Sinus Lifting?
Sinus lifting is a surgical procedure applied during implant treatments on the upper jaw. There are sinus cavities surrounded by the sinus membrane on the right and left sides of the upper jaw. After tooth loss, the sinus membrane moves down. In cases, if the patient does not have sufficient bone volume for the implant, the density of the bone is increased by direct or indirect sinus lifting pushing the membrane. This process is called sinus lifting operation.

Bone Graft
If the bone height or width is insufficient in the area where the implant will be placed, bone graft can be applied. In this way, the bone where the implant will be placed is strengthened. Bone graft is also needed in sinus lifting operations.

Dental Implant Turkey
Dental implant is one of the most preferred dental treatments in our country.

Dental Implant Prices 2022 Turkey
Dental implant prices vary according to the condition of the teeth and the type of implant. For detailed information, you can examine the price page of our website
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