Fear of tooth extraction and the dentist is something most people experience. However, as Acardent, we believe that we support you to overcome this fear. We have provided a comfortable and fearless treatment environment for countless patients who are afraid of tooth extraction in Turkey. If your tooth needs to be extracted for any reason, we assure you that it will be done in the healthiest and easiest way.

Tooth Extraction in Turkey

Average Accommodation in Turkey: None
Clinic Visits: 1 Time
Operation Duration: 20-60 Minutes
Anesthesia: Local

What is Tooth Extraction?
The process of removing the tooth from its socket in the bone after the appropriate anesthesia method is applied by the physician, is called tooth extraction.

Why Is The Tooth Extracted in Turkey?
Teeth are pulled out as a result of bone loss due to decay or gum disease mostly. Apart from these, the extraction is also done for teeth that cause narrowness in the jaw for orthodontic treatments, milk teeth that have not fallen out in time, and wisdom teeth that cause infection or damage neighboring teeth.

How Is Tooth Extraction Applied in Turkey?
The physician numbs the relevant area with local anesthesia before tooth extraction. The patient does not feel any pain during the procedure under the effect of anesthesia. After tooth extraction, bleeding is controlled by applying a gauze to the area and the procedure is completed.

How is Surgical Extraction Performed in Turkey?
Excessively damaged teeth and tooth roots, impacted wisdom teeth may require surgical extraction. Thus, the relevant area is locally anesthetized. The gum is opened. The tooth is removed in pieces if necessary with some bone tissues. Afterwards, the bleeding is stopped by suturing.

What Should Be Considered after Tooth Extraction in Turkey?
It is inconvenient to eat for at least two hours until the effect of the anesthesia wears off. A tampon should be made by biting the gauze placed in the mouth for half an hour. Rinsing, sucking and spitting should not be done. It is normal to have bleeding in the form of leakage during the day. Smoking must be stopped for 24 hours. The extracted area should be kept as clean as possible.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?
Teeth are one of our important organs in the mouth. Teeth are not extracted unless necessary. However, in some cases, tooth extraction is a last remedy for various reasons.

Preparation before Tooth Extraction
You need to brush your teeth before tooth extraction. The bacterial intensity in the mouth should be reduced by rinsing with antiseptic solutions.

What are the Causes of Tooth Extraction?
Extraction is done for advanced caries, loose teeth due to bone loss, milk teeth that do not fall out on time, teeth causing shortness of space and teeth with failed root canal treatment.

Healing Process after Tooth Extraction
It takes approximately 2 weeks to heal after tooth extraction.

Does Tooth Extraction Require Force? In This Respect, Is There a Difference between Female and Male Dentists?
Some pulling force is needed during tooth extraction. Since the dental instruments increase the pulling force for several folds, there is no difference between male and female dentists.

Why Is the Tooth Broken during Extraction?
Teeth may be broken during the extraction if teeth roots are too separate or curved or if they have had root canal treatment.

What Can Be Done to Overcome Fear of Tooth Extraction?
If it is not possible to overcome this fear the extraction can be performed under general anesthesia in these cases.

Why Is Tooth Extraction Performed in Turkey?
Teeth that cannot be treated are extracted. Otherwise, these teeth can cause infection in the mouth. After tooth extraction, the area where was the missing tooth is treated by choosing an appropriate treatment method.

What Are the Things to Do Before Extraction in Turkey?
The teeth should be brushed, and then oral bacteria should be minimized with the help of mouthwash before extraction.

Why Is Tooth Extraction Needed?
Tooth extraction becomes mandatory as a result of incurable problems.

Is Tooth Extraction a Painful Procedure?
Tooth extractions performed under anesthesia are absolutely not painful.

Does Swelling Occur After Surgical Extraction?
It is quite normal to have swelling after surgery. However, this will relieve in a short period of time.

How Does Tooth Extraction Happen?
Tooth extractions are performed under appropriate anesthesia and the way dentist deems appropriate.

Do the 20-Year-Old Teeth Needed to be Extracted?
Wisdom teeth should be extracted if they damage neighboring teeth and cause infection.

Will There Be Pain and Swelling after Extraction?
It is normal to experience pain and swelling after extraction. However, these complaints will diminish in a short time with the help of the drugs.

Is Antibiotic Use Necessary?
The dentist decides whether the use of antibiotics is necessary.

Are There Alternative Treatments without Tooth Extraction?
Extraction is only needed when the tooth is incurable. After tooth extraction, the missing tooth area is treated with an appropriate treatment method.

Infection after Tooth Extraction
In order to avoid infection after tooth extraction, all instructions given by the doctor should be followed.

Tooth Extraction Turkey
In our country, tooth extraction applications are carried out by specialist physicians under appropriate conditions.

Tooth Extraction Prices 2022
You can review the price list on our website for tooth extraction prices in 2022.

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