General Anesthesia

General anesthesia is becoming very popular day by day among those who suffer from dentist phobia in Turkey. As Acardent, we are proud to offer general anesthesia service, which is not among the facilities of most dental clinics. One of the most important things that distinguish Acardent from other clinics is, it has qualified personnel to carry out a complicated procedure like general anesthesia. This service is provided to disabled individuals and patients with learning difficulties, under the control of expert staff.

General Anesthesia in Dentistry Turkey

What is General Anesthesia?
General anesthesia is usually applied before surgical interventions. It is the process of falling asleep for the patient before the painful procedure. It can also be described as a deep sleep state, completely eliminates consciousness and the sense of pain.

Can All Dental Treatments Be Performed with General Anesthesia in Turkey?
Most of the surgical interventions can be performed under general anesthesia easily. The patient does not feel anything during the procedures. All dental treatments can be performed under general anesthesia too.

Are Patients Receiving General Anesthesia Hospitalized in the Clinic in Turkey?
There is no need for a different procedure after general anesthesia. It is possible to return home within the same day. Depending on the doctor’s recommendation, the patient may need to be kept under observation for 1 to 2 hours. The next day after the procedure, patients can continue their regular lives the same way.

In Which Situations Can Dental Treatment Under General Anesthesia Be Applied?
General anesthesia can be applied to the following patients;
• Children with physical disabilities
• Children who have difficulties in communicating
• Children and adults suffering from dentist phobia

Who Can Be Applied to Dental General Anesthesia in Turkey?
Patient is examined by an anesthesiologist by performing various tests before general anesthesia. It is decided whether the patient is suitable for general anesthesia.

Where and How Is Dental Treatment Performed Under General Anesthesia?
Dental treatments that require general anesthesia are performed in fully-equipped operating rooms accompanied by a specialist dentist and general anesthesiologist.

How Long Does Dental Treatment Take With General Anesthesia?
The duration of the procedure varies according to the treatment plan.

What Should Be Considered after General Anesthesia?
General anesthesiologist and your dentist inform you about what needs to be done after the operation.

What are the Most Preferred Types of Anesthesia?
The most preferred anesthesia methods are local anesthesia, sedation and general anesthesia.

Local Anesthesia
An anesthetic substance is injected only into the relevant area. Operation area to be treated is anesthetized in this way. Consciousness is clear.

Sedation is the use of sedative medications to help reduce anxiety, discomfort, and pain. Medications can be given orally or intravenously to the patient.

General Anesthesia
It is a form of deep sleep for any painful surgical procedure. They are woken up at the end of the procedure. General anesthesia, which resembles a deep sleep state, removes consciousness and pain sensation.

How Long Will It Take Me to Return My Normal Life?
The patients can return to their normal life the next day.

General Anesthesia in Dentistry Turkey
General anesthesia is preferred by specialist physicians in dental treatments in our country.
  • Acardent is an Authorised International Health Provider by Ministry of Health in Turkey.
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