Laminate Veneers

Laminate veneers are among the most preferred applications in cosmetic dentistry along with crowns. Thanks to veneers, it is possible to achieve an aesthetic smile with minimum abrasion on tooth surfaces. The best products are used for veneer treatments in our clinic taking advantage of the latest technology. Please remember, one of the specialties of our clinic is laminate veneers. Expert dentists work together and your wishes are always kept in the foreground while designing your aesthetic smile. Laminate veneers, with different color tones and treatment plans suitable for different budgets, are among the most demanded cosmetic applications by patients applying to our clinic from abroad.

Laminate Veneers in Turkey

Average Accommodation in Turkey: 6-7 Days
Clinic Visits: 4-5 Times
Operation Duration: 40-50 Minures
Anesthesia: Local-Sedation-General

What is Laminate Veneer?
The laminate veneers are an aesthetic treatment method applied in anterior teeth due to aesthetic problems. In some cases, the treatment is applied without any abrasion. When necessary, only 0.3 – 0.7 mm of the tooth is abraded from the surface. After abrasion, the prepared veneer layers are cemented on the front surface of the teeth with strong adhesives. Thanks to their thinness and light transmittance, they provide an excellent appearance. It meets the needs of patients who ask for aesthetic appearance, as the colors of the laminate veneers do not deteriorate and provide a natural appearance. Since the treatment protects the tooth tissue to a large extent, the satisfaction rate is quite high.

What are the Laminate Veneer Treatment Stages in Turkey?
When the patients visit the clinic, firstly x-ray films are taken and an intraoral examination is performed. The complaints of the patient are listened by a cosmetic dentist. A copy of the existing teeth is duplicated before the procedure is started. Thus, before the treatment, the aesthetic amendments will be made on the teeth is shown to the patient as a demo. This stage is called a mockup. A treatment plan is prepared under the control of the cosmetic dentist based on the patient’s demands. When the dentist and the patient agree on the treatment plan, the procedure begins. If abrasion is required on the teeth surface, it is performed. The abraded amount on teeth is generally limited to 0.3-0.7 mm. After the etching process is completed, a new impression is taken and sent to the laboratory. A temporary veneer is prepared and attached on the teeth, which the patient will use until the veneers arrive. The patient comes back to the clinic, on the day the coatings arrive from the laboratory and new coatings are rehearsed in the patient’s mouth. If there is no problem, laminate veneers are cemented to the teeth and the treatment is terminated. If coatings need to be reviewed in a laboratory setting, they can be sent back to the laboratory. The entire treatment can be completed in as little as one week.

Who is Eligible for Laminate Veneers?
Lamina veneer treatment is benefitted in aesthetic dental disorders. Veneers cemented on the front surface of the teeth are often preferred because they are thin and translucent. The treatment gives functional results in the following cases:

• Closing diastemas (spaces between teeth),
• In the correction of old fillings that have lost their aesthetic appearance on the front surface of the teeth, when their color and structure have deteriorated,
• In patients who want to lengthen and reshape their teeth,
• In teeth with discoloration and deformities,
• In correction of slightly crooked teeth,
• Broken, worn, cracked teeth,
• In patients who do not like the color of their natural teeth and want permanent whiteness,
• For people who do not like their smile,

Laminate veneer treatment is not recommended in the following cases:

• People who have the habit of grinding or clenching their teeth,
• In excessively crooked tooth appearance,
• Patient groups with high caries formation,
• Patients with poor oral hygiene,
• Patients with malocclusion between the lower and upper jaw teeth,
• On teeth without healthy enamel

What Are the Advantages of Having Laminate Veneers in Turkey?
Lamina veneers have become very popular recently, give great results when applied under suitable clinic conditions. Preparations are made only on the anterior surfaces of the teeth. Therefore, it is included in the conservative treatment group in dentistry. Since the light transmittance is quite high, veneers give the same appearance like natural teeth. It is possible to meet all the needs of patients in terms of aesthetics.

The surface of laminate veneers has a smooth structure. Thanks to its surface, preventing the accumulation of residue, lamina veneers do not get any stains in the consumption of tea and coffee. Besides, they are also resistant to abrasion. Veneers produced from quality materials have a very durable structure.
Because they do not harm natural teeth and spoil their structure, they are preferred by patients. For preparation, a very small amount of tooth tissue is abraded from the tooth surface. There is no need for tooth tissue to be abraded 360 degrees as in crown treatment. Not to be applied an intense abrasion and not to extract the tooth are among the reasons why the treatment is preferred. Dental adhesives used during the procedure have a durable structure. In this way, problems such as falling and moving of the prosthesis are not experienced. The more carefully dental and oral care is done, the longer the life of lamina veneers will be.

What is the Difference between Crowns and Laminate Veneers?
Crowns and laminate veneers are two treatment methods generally confused with each other. Laminate veneers are applied only on the front surface of the teeth. A very little abrasion is applied on the front surface of the anterior teeth. Veneers prepared in the form of teeth in the laboratory environment are cemented on the tooth surfaces. They are prepared separately for each tooth and fixed to the related tooth by the dentist. Laminate veneers resemble in appearance to false nails. On the other hand, for crowns a 360-degree abrasion is needed for target tooth. The tooth is minimized for crown treatment. The crown covers the entire surface of the tooth. Thus, it embraces the tooth more firmly. Unlike laminate veneers, two or three teeth can be combined with a single crown to obtain a more robust structure. The combined teeth as a set, are prepared in their natural appearance. Finally, crown treatment is longer lasting than laminate veneer treatment since they are cemented around the entire surface of the tooth.

Do Celebrities Have Laminate Veneers?
Everyone lives dreaming of a perfect smile. Your smile stands out as an important part of your personality and helps you make an impression on people you meet. Thanks to cosmetic dentistry, anyone who wants can have a radiant smile in this way.
In cosmetic dentistry, a treatment plan is customized by taking into account your gums along with your teeth. In general, studies to improve the appearance of your teeth are cosmetic dentistry applications. It can also be defined as a set of studies that involve changing or correcting the shape and color of the teeth. The end result is a whiter, brighter and more beautiful smile.

Smile aesthetics is a popular practice today. In particular, it is a method preferred by celebrities. Celebrities who have laminate veneers can be listed as follows:
• Tom Cruise
• Hilary Duff
• Zac Efron
• George Clooney
• Nicolas Cage
• Ben Affleck
• Victoria Beckham
Lumineer is the name given to thin porcelain plates that are fixed on your teeth. Dentists prepare lumineers by specially designing them for each patient. In this way, the shape, size and color vary completely depending on the person.

Conditions Requiring Laminate Veneers
Porcelain laminate veneer is used to close the gaps between the teeth that are not aesthetically well. Lamina treatment is preferred for people who do not like the shape and color of their teeth. In order to correct tooth structure, laminate veneers are benefitted after wears and fractures. Wear on the teeth negatively affects the facial expression of the person. Facial collapse can be observed if the vertical dimension of the tooth is shortened and the face shape is distorted. Teeth size can be extended with lamina treatment for these patients. It contributes to excellent aesthetic results in anterior teeth.

One of the biggest advantages of laminate veneer treatment is less intervention on the teeth. This shortens the treatment time. Another advantage is its light transmittance. In this way, natural teeth appearance is provided. So, it is easier to achieve a natural look. There are also color options for veneers. It offers an ideal appearance in terms of providing a perfect fit at the junction of the teeth and gums. Laminate veneers are highly resistant to abrasion because they are baked at high temperatures. Apart from that, they are not easily colored by tea, coffee, cigarettes etc.

The reflection on the gingival edge is seen in porcelain bridges with metal support, does not occur in lamina porcelains. In addition, it is completed in a shorter time compared to bridge treatment. Because laboratory and rehearsal processes are not as long and as bridges.

Will I Feel Pain During Laminate Veneer Treatment in Turkey?
Since local anesthesia is carried out for treatment, you do not feel any pain. Making some preparations before the treatment is important for the operation to be successful. In this way, the most appropriate smile design can be achieved. In the first examination, it is checked whether the gums are healthy. Scaling and curettage should be performed beforehand since the aesthetic expectation is high in laminate veneer treatment. In addition, if deformities are seen in the gums, their removal should be done carefully.

If the tooth is positioned a bit back than its normal position, then laminates can be applied without the need for abrasion. Otherwise, local anesthesia is applied for abrasion. A thin layer (0.3-0.7 mm) is removed only on the anterior part of the teeth. Then, impressions are taken to prepare the porcelain laminates. The mouldings are sent to the laboratory and lamina veneers are prepared in the laboratory environment accordingly. When prosthesis arrives at the clinic, they are cemented on the teeth as a final operation.
Lamina veneers are completed in a shorter time than other treatments, are among the most preferred aesthetic dental treatment methods.

How Long Does It Last?
Your oral and dental hygiene determines the lifespan of the veneers. However, when applied by a cosmetic dentist with the right technique, their lifespan is quite long. Lamina veneer is a treatment method applied to the front of your teeth due to aesthetic concerns. It may be needed to be supported with different treatment methods for the teeth to look more natural and beautiful. You should give up your habits such as grinding your teeth, biting a pencil, and breaking nuts since it is applied to the anterior teeth.

Do Laminate Veneers Fall Off Easily?
Dentists perform an intraoral examination for evaluating whether patients are suitable for laminate veneers. After that, they listen to patients in order to meet their expectations. Next, an x-ray analysis is performed to see whether the patient has other problems. In this way, the patient’s general health condition, oral health and expectations are taken into account. At the last stage, with the model analysis, it is clearly ensured that the patients have an idea about the result. Lamina veneers do not fall off easily over time, as they are made very sturdy.

Color and Design Selection
Because it is applied on the anterior teeth, it is extremely important to match the color of the lamina veneers with the natural teeth. During the color selection, natural light should be used and the skin and face color of the patient should be considered.
Before the color selection, if there are stains on the tooth surfaces, they must be cleaned.

Laminate Veneers Turkey
Lamina veneer treatment, just like zirconium crowns, becomes very popular recently in Turkey.
Today, people who have aesthetic concerns benefit from laminate veneers. Laminate veneers have a very long service life, should be applied by cosmetic dentists. In this way, the expectations of the patients can be fully met. If you want to have the white teeth of your dreams, you can benefit from the whitening power of the laminate veneers.

Laminate Veneer Prices 2022 Turkey
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