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    We are pleased to state that the prices listed above are fully inclusive for everything needed to carry out your treatment including anesthesia, x-ray films, dental products, laboratory fees, dentist consultations, assistance, etc. There are no hidden extra costs.

    We do not ask prepayment unless there is a special situation. As prices are fixed in Euros, Pounds and Dollars, we accept only these currencies. You may also pay by credit or debit card. In order not to deal with any dilemmas in a foreign country please make sure that your cards are available to be used abroad. This transaction can be done via banks’ mobile applications or direct calls to call centres. Additionally, check your daily withdrawal amount from ATMs for cash payments and other expenses.

    If you have any questions about the methods of payments please contact us.

    P.S. Appointment dates are approved following you submit your flight ticket confirmation page to the clinic.

Case Studies

Below are some sample treatment plans. These treatment plans and patient stories belong to real foreign patients who applied to our clinic. However, nicknames are used instead of real person names within the scope of the law on the protection of personal data. The aim here is to form an idea in your mind about treatment planning and estimated treatment cost. We remind you that the treatment plan is prepared individually and we recommend you to contact our clinic for further information.



Jennifer’s Complaint:

Jennifer is a housewife. He applies to our clinic for smile design. She is uncomfortable with the color and appearance of her teeth due to excessive consumption of tea, coffee and cigarettes. In addition, gum recessions are observed. She wants to have a more aesthetic smile by coating all her teeth with crowns. 3 teeth need filling and 1 tooth needs root canal treatment.

Jennifer’s Treatment Plan:

First of all, the filling and root canal treatment of the patient was completed. Gum care was carried out for gingival recessions caused by neglected oral care. Except for the 8 teeth in the posterior region, 20 teeth were coated with zirconium crowns. The entire treatment was completed within 8 days. At the end of the procedure, Jennifer got a much whiter and more attractive smile. Jennifer’s poor smile caused by her gum recessions changed and her self-confidence was renewed.

Zirconium Crown x 20 = 3500 £

Dental Filling x 3 = 150 £

Root Canal Treatment x 1 = 45 £

TOTAL = 3695 £


Michael’s Complaint:

Michael clenches his teeth due to his stressful work schedule. As a result, there is an excessive amount of wear on all teeth and this complaint is increasing day by day. He lost 4 teeth because he neglected oral care. He wants to have implants for his missing teeth and to cover his teeth with crowns to protect his existing teeth and have a healthier smile.

Michael’s Treatment Plan:

Implant surgery was performed for Michael’s 4 missing teeth. A quality and reliable local implant brand was chosen as the implant. Except for the teeth in the posterior region, 20 teeth were coated with zirconium crowns. Owing to the habit of clenching, a gum shield was prepared to protect the new crowns and to relax the jaw muscles. Thanks to the gum shield, crowns were protected and the clenching habit was minimized so the jaw muscles and joints were relieved. Eventually, the patient’s life quality increased. The whole treatment was completed within 7 days.

Implant x 4 = 1320 £

Zirconium Crown x 20 = 3500 £

Gum Shield x 1 = 60 £

TOTAL = 4880 £


Maria’s Complaint:

Maria is a young woman who takes care of her appearance yet she is dissatisfied with the appearance of her teeth. A small amount of crookedness and staining is observed in the front teeth, and discoloration is observed in the other teeth due to smoking. Since the front teeth are small and short compared to the jaw structure, they create black areas on the smile line, causing an unaesthetic appearance. Maria wants to have a more attractive and aesthetic smile as a young woman.

Maria’s Treatment Plan:

Firstly, teeth cleaning and whitening sessions were carried out for Maria. After that, a total of 12 E-max laminated veneers were designed, 6 on the upper and 6 on the lower jaw. With the veneers designed in the desired tooth length, both the length of the teeth were extended and the problem of crookedness in the front teeth was resolved. A perfect aesthetic smile was achieved with the coating shades chosen according to the skin color. The entire treatment was completed in 5 days.

E-max Veneer x 12 = 2580 £

Teeth Cleaning x 1 = 80 £

Teeth Whitening x 1 = 135 £

TOTAL = 6150 £


Britney’s Complaint:

Britney is a middle-aged businesswoman who runs her own company. There are spaces between her front teeth. In general, cracks, breaks and deterioration are observed in all teeth. The smile line that emerges when she smiles is far from unity and is incompatible with the lip and gum line. Since she is a well-known person in her social environment, she demands a highly aesthetic smile design.

Britney’s Treatment Plan:

Smile design was customized for the patient with E-max crowns, which gave extremely aesthetic results. The gum level was corrected by reshaping the gums. Thanks to the patient-specific planning of cosmetic dentists, an integrity was achieved in the smile line. With E-max crowns, which give excellent results, an attractive and charming smile design she will be happy for a lifetime is achieved. The patient continues her life by regaining her self-confidence. The entire treatment was completed within 8 days.

E-max Crown x 24 = 5280 £

Gum Contouring x 1 = 270 £

TOTAL = 5550 £ 


Brook’s Complaint:

Brook works in a public institution. He has a healthy smile. He lost 2 molars, one in the lower and one in the upper jaw, in the posterior region. He wants to have implants for these two teeth. In the upper jaw, there are 2 teeth that need filling and 1 tooth that needs root canal treatment. He wants to clean and whiten all her teeth.

Brook’s Treatment Plan:

Two implants were operated to the patient. Medentica brand was preferred for the implant. Metal supported crowns were used in the superstructure of the implants. Teeth cleaning and whitening sessions were applied. Then, dental filling and root canal treatment was completed in a single session. All treatment was terminated in 6 days. The patient has a healthier and more natural smile.

Implant x 2 = 660 £

Metal Fused Crown x 2 = 220 £

Dental Filling x 2 = 100 £

Root Canal Treatment x 1 = 45 £

Teeth Cleaning x 1 = 80 £

Teeth Whitening x 1 = 135 £

TOTAL = 1240 £

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