Root Canal Operation

Root canal treatment performed by a good dentist with the right technique allows you to use your teeth for many years. Therefore, you should pay utmost heed to the choice of dentist and clinic. After the root canal treatments, we continue to communicate with the patients and monitor their oral health. At Acardent, the best treatment is carried out for the most affordable price. We are waiting for you to feel the difference.

Root Canal Treatment in Turkey

Average Accommodation in Turkey: None
Clinic Visits: 1 Time
Operation Duration: 30 Minutes
Anesthesia: Local

What is Root Canal Treatment?
The cavities in the tooth are if not treated, they go deep and reach the nerve of the tooth. As a result, inflammation of the dental nerves causes severe pain. It is possible to save unhealthy teeth by repairing them with root canal treatment. During the procedure, the natural cavity called the root canal is reached which is located in the hard tissue of the tooth. The dental nerve, called the pulp, is carefully removed. Then the root canals are cleaned and filled.

Why is Root Canal Treatment Done?
The nerve or pulp of a tooth is infected as a result of deep caries, cracks, fractures or traumas on the tooth. Bacteria around the tooth begin to fill into the root canal causing inflammation. Depending on these situations, root canal treatment is applied.

How the Root Canal Treatment is Made?
The area is locally anesthetized by the dentist. During the procedure, the natural cavity called the root canal is reached which is located in the hard tissue of the tooth. The dental nerve, called the pulp, is carefully removed. Then the root canals are cleaned and filled.

In Which Situations Is Root Canal Therapy Applied?
Root canal treatment is an effective treatment method in deep caries, root-end infections and traumatized teeth.

How Long Does Root Canal Treatment Take?
The duration of root canal treatment varies depending on different factors;
• Number of roots in the tooth
• The condition of the infection in the tooth
• The time during the cleaning of the nerves
• Additional procedures deemed appropriate by the physician, determine the duration of the treatment.

How Long Is the Life of Root Canal Treatment?
After a successful root canal treatment, you can use your tooth for a long time. This period also depends on the person’s oral hygiene.

Will There Be Pain After Root Canal Treatment?
After root canal treatment, there is usually no severe pain.

Things to Consider After Root Canal Treatment
After the root canal treatment, all the recommendations given by the doctor should be applied meticulously. In this way, you can get healthier teeth in a shorter time.

What are the Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment?
Root canal treatment is a preventive approach in dentistry to save the tooth from extraction.

Is Root Canal Treatment the Final Solution?
The success rate of a root canal treatment is very high if carefully done and can be used for years without causing any problems. Oral hygiene is also a determining factor. In the case, oral care is neglected, there is also the risk of losing the tooth.

Things to Know Before Root Canal Treatment
Before root canal treatment, your specialist evaluates whether root canal treatment is necessary.

What Should Be Done after Root Canal Treatment in Turkey?
After the procedure, nothing should be eaten for two hours until the effect of anesthesia wears off. Afterwards, the relevant area should be kept as clean as possible.

Will There Be Pain in the Tooth after Root Canal Treatment?
It is normal to feel pain in the tooth after root canal treatment. The pain diminishes on its own within a few days. Severe pain is not expected afterward.

Does Tooth Color Change Occur After Root Canal Treatment?
In some rare cases, discoloration can be seen in the teeth that underwent root canal treatment. Devital whitening or veneer treatment is applied to these teeth.

Should Root Canal Treated Teeth Be Crowned?
The fragility of the tooth after root canal treatment increases due to the fact that substance is lost. For this reason, if crown treatment is applied to the tooth that underwent root canal treatment, the life of the tooth will be extended.

Root Canal Treatment Turkey
Root canal treatments are applied by specialist dentists in our country.

Turkey Root Canal Treatment Prices 2022
You can check the price list on our website, for root canal treatment prices in 2022.
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