Smile Design

Smile design applied within the scope of cosmetic dentistry requires an interdisciplinary approach. Implant, crown, laminate veneer and surgical operations are the most common cosmetic applications while designing a new smile. Therefore, cosmetic dentists, maxillofacial surgeons and prosthodontists should work together. Our smile designs are customized by specialists from different branches and carried out using the latest technology. For a healthy and aesthetic smile, you must set out with the right team. We would like to remind you once again that Acardent whom the founder of it a cosmetic dentist, specializes in smile design applications.

Smile Design in Turkey

Average Accommodation in Turkey: 7-8 Days
Clinic Visits: 5-6 Times
Operation Duration: 40-60 Minutes
Anesthesia: Local-Sedation-General

What is Smile Design?
Smile design; It is the process of correcting teeth and gums that have deteriorated due to various reasons. Smile design examinations include detailed aesthetic analyzes in which aesthetic criteria of teeth, gums and lips are evaluated. Their relation with each other are also considered. In a smile design, which is a multidisciplinary dentistry approach, many different treatments are applied together. In this way, a successful smile design is planned.

First of all, it is necessary to understand the aesthetic expectations of the patient correctly. It is very important to determine the needs of the patient too. Models are prepared with the impressions taken from the patient’s mouth. Problems are identified on these models. Then, the planning process begins. Next, intraoral and facial photographs of the patient are taken. The harmony of the smile design with the face shape is taken into consideration carefully. The final stage of the treatment is presented to the patient with temporary restorations prepared in accordance with the patient’s mouth. At this stage, the operation of the treatment process is planned more comprehensively with the patient’s opinion.

How a Smile Design Is Made in Turkey?
While designing a smile, the aesthetics of teeth (white aesthetics) and the aesthetics of the gums (pink aesthetics) are evaluated separately. For this purpose, the patient’s photographs are taken and plaster models are prepared. Lip level, length of teeth, gingival level, tooth color, tooth alignment can be seen both on the photograph and the plaster models prepared. The harmony of the lips and teeth appear when we laugh, and the laugh line are evaluated one by one. Their relation with each other is assessed. The treatment planning is clarified with the patient in this way.

Healthy, symmetrical, compatible and aesthetic gingiva is aimed with gingival operations. At this point, the most important application is dental cleaning. With professional tartar cleaning, healthy, pink and non-bleeding gums are obtained. Asymmetrical or enlarged gums can be reshaped or short tooth lengths can be extended with various aesthetic operations. The problem of excessive appearance of gums while smiling, also called the gummy smile, can be corrected with the “crown lengthening” operation.
Porcelain or zirconium crowns, laminate veneers, bonding and teeth whitening procedures are applied for white tooth aesthetics.

Who Is Eligible for Smile Design?
Smile design is generally applied to the following people:
• People with crooked teeth,
• Those with abnormal coloration in their teeth,
• People who have irregularities in the length of their teeth,
• People who have problems with the appearance of their gums,
• People with missing teeth,
• Patients with disproportionate teeth and gums can benefit from this procedure.

Benefits of Smile Design
The advantages of smile design can be listed as follows;
• Natural teeth appearance and suitable facial structure are obtained.
• Natural tooth colors emerge more clearly.
• Disproportions in the size and shape of the teeth are significantly corrected.
• Gums gain a healthier appearance.
• Beautifully shining teeth meet with a beautiful smile, providing an aesthetic appearance.

Smile Design Treatment in Turkey
Smile design is an aesthetic treatment preferred to treat deteriorated teeth structure for various reasons. An appropriate aesthetic planning is made depending on the patient’s needs and face features. Then, the patient possesses a healthy smile and a healthy appearance.

What is a Hollywood Smile?
The Hollywood smile design is inspired by Hollywood stars. It is a smile designed by examining the lips, mouth, nose, jaw, gums, teeth and face. This smile design is planned individually. Many factors such as gender, age, facial features, lips are taken into account. Appropriate designs are made according to the facial features of men and women. The criteria for a real Hollywood Smile is to have the appearance of all teeth up to the upper molars when you smile. The imaginary line passing through the cutting edges of the upper teeth and the lower lip should form a good harmony and the upper gums should be visible by a maximum of 2 mm.

What Is the Lifespan of a Smile Design?
The end result is generally long-lasting. However, the patient should pay utmost heed to his oral and dental health in order to keep the result. It is not possible to say that the smile design is long-lasting if oral and dental health is neglected. Just like any other aesthetic operation, the patient must protect and look after the operated area. Otherwise, it is not possible to achieve the desired result after the operation.

What Are the Types of Smile Designs?
People have different smile styles. People may want to have serious, sympathetic or attractive smile. In Acardent clinic, it is possible to design the most suitable smile according to your face shape and character, together with our experts.

Comments of People Who Had Smile Design in Turkey
Those who have a smile design are very satisfied with both result and lifespan of the treatment. The satisfaction rate varies depending on the expertise of the cosmetic dentist you choose. It is not possible to achieve positive results from even the smallest aesthetic operations performed by incompetent doctors.

Are Crowns Always Done in Smile Design?
Teeth do not always need to be abraded for smile design. Thanks to the aesthetic analyzes of our cosmetic dentists, your smile design can be realized without abrading your teeth. Also; your aesthetic expectations can also be met with simple and protective methods such as laminates, bonding, recontouring or teeth whitening.

How Many Appointments Are Needed for a Smile Design in Turkey?
The number of sessions varies according to the current condition of the patient and the treatments to be performed. The treatment can sometimes be completed in a single session or sometimes in a few weeks.

Smile Design Turkey
Interest in aesthetic operations has increased in Turkey recently. For this reason, smile design is among the most frequently applied aesthetic treatment methods. The number of foreign patients coming to Turkey for smile design is increasing day by day. With affordable prices and quality treatment options, Turkey is one of the prominent countries in the field of aesthetic dentistry in the world.

Smile Design Prices 2022 Turkey
Smile design prices vary depending on the facial structure and the type of the design you prefer. Please contact us for detailed information.
  • Acardent is an Authorised International Health Provider by Ministry of Health in Turkey.
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