Who We Are

Acardent is an Authorized International Health Provider by Ministry of Health in Turkey.

As Acardent, we kindly suggest you read the whole text until the end. It takes just one minute and helps you to sense our clinic, staff and price policies.

Acardent is based in one of the most developed cities of Turkey that is Antalya. In terms of offshore tourist numbers, Antalya is the most visited city in Turkey. Three hundred fair weather days are guaranteed in a year. The city is a center of attraction with its blue flag beaches, historical sites, authentic cuisine, shopping opportunities, nightlife and other touristic activities. Turkey was awarded 519 blue flag beaches, 213 of them right here in Antalya. More than 500 five-star hotels provide service to foreign tourists at international standards. All over the world in hotel management, this number ranks Antalya at the top. Having direct flights from nearly all cities of UK, the United States and Europe bring liveliness to the city. In addition, the city gets the maximum investment rate for Health Tourism in Turkey.

As you enjoy your sunny Mediterranean holiday, receive your treatment as well. Do you wonder how, keep reading…

Utilizing the benefits Antalya provides, Acardent was established at the heart of the city centre. In favor of long years of experience, surgical extractions, implants, veneers, crowns and sinus lifting operations are conducted by specialists such as oral surgeons, cosmetic dentists and prosthodontists. Otherwise, these procedures could be complex for general dentists. At this point, it must be remembered that Turkish dentists are globally recognized for their top-level qualifications, expertise and experience. Our founders, Mr. and Mrs. Acar succeeded in reflecting their marriage harmony to their business life and clinical practice. As physicians, they are appreciated by their colleagues for their success and congruity.  Both ensure thousands of foreign patients their ideal and happy smiles for years. Including them, all dentists working for us are affiliated with the Turkish Dental Association, but that’s not all!

Expert dental technicians and assistants work alongside the dentists to assure the best results for our patients. All team members are capable of communicating in English. Furthermore, all oral information and written documents are provided in your language in order to avoid any misunderstanding.

The clinic is furnished with state of art technology dental equipment. Although, treatments are carried out with globally recognized dental products and materials if requested, patients may opt for dental brands that they prefer. Each stage in treatments is planned according to your demands. Moreover, we deploy international hygiene and sanitation instructions. A special team is responsible to take essential sanitation measures at any moment. As an international health provider, also Ministry of Health inspects our clinic in an orderly manner. We are aware of clinics serving in London Harley Street and we assure you the same quality standards. Apart from these, our price policy is also clear.

As Acardent we do not have any affiliation with intermediaries. Therefore, our price policy is consistent and payment transactions are transparent. It brings a wide reputation for the clinic that we are proud of. The treatment plan is arranged in great detail before you arrive in Turkey. Treatment course and total payment are informed in advance as a result, you do not encounter an unexpected sum at the end. Examination, check-up and x-rays are services that we provide for free. The best cure is always offered for the best prices. In comparison with the UK, United States and Europe, you save up to %70 in Acardent. This is due to competition, cost of living and investment by the Turkish government in the medical tourism industry. Additionally, managing a clinic is more economic here in Turkey. This condition reflects our prices positively without compromising the quality. Why would you pay a fortune for the same high-quality therapy?

Acardent Clinic regularly follows up with its patients to make sure the healing process is smooth and they are satisfied. The aftercare department is available 24/7 and the department routinely gets in touch with patients after they return to their country, requesting for up-to-date photos by E-mail or WhatsApp. In short, Acardent does not stop monitoring its treatment results.

Last but not the least; a pretty smile affects a person’s self-confidence and life quality. We know this and this is what motivates us the most. Opportunities are at your fingertips. In order to feel the difference contact us via our communication channels and get your whole travel plan and quotation for free. As we always say: “Healthy smile is the best make-up!”



Cosmetic Dentist Mehmet Can Acar

He graduated from Süleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Dentistry. Right after completing his education in university, he started his business life as a cosmetic dentist in a private clinic in Antalya. He specialized in smile designs, as he thought that a natural smile is the most effective communication tool. He improved himself in this field. He decided to establish his own clinic because the demand in his smile designs increased day by day. Today, together with his wife, he manages Acardent, one of the leading brands in the dental sector in Antalya.

He focused on topics such as;
• Smile designs
• Aesthetic operations
• Crown and veneer restorations
• Implantology

Periodontist Meltem Başaran Acar

She graduated from Süleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Dentistry. During her undergraduate education, she attended many congresses and seminars and won certificates. After completing her undergraduation, she continued her studies at Ordu University. She focused on topics such as aesthetic fillings, diastema closure and smile design within the scope of Restorative Dentistry. After that, she started her major training in the Department of Periodontology in Rize. Acar, passionate about her job, completed her three-year major education with her thesis titled “The Negative Effects of Smoking on Gums and Teeth”.

She focused on topics such as;
• Hard and soft tissue surgery
• Implantology
• Subgingival debridement
• Flap operations
• Gum disseases
• Gum recessions


High Grade Dental Services

Client Satisfaction

Every single person in our team works focusing on patient satisfaction. The satisfaction rate is
regularly evaluated and followed up in our clinic environment

Intervention Success

The success rate of the provided treatments is over the world standards. Therefore, we are preferred
for difficult operations

Expert Staff

Well-trained professionals are employed in our clinic. Dentists are supported along with specialist
assistants and technicians

Quick Recovery

Patients are informed about convalescence after the treatments. In this way, the longevity of the
treatment is ensured

As we always say:”Life is Beautiful When You Smile”

Our Mission

Acardent prioritizes satisfaction. In the concept of quality, trust and loyalty, it is a brand that serves its guests at the highest standards. Every visitor in our clinic is not a patient, but a guest of ours.

In favor of a consistent price policy, its modern and contemporary amenities are affordable to people from all strata.

Our Vision

Acardent boasts its expert team. Owing to gathering them under its roof, the brand aims to be an institute educating newly graduated candidates and fellow dentists. As an institute, we target our treatments to be indicated as a reference in dentistry.

We endeavor to become the best health tourism provider in Turkey without compromising the quality.


Contact Us

+90 537 437 32 67
+90 533 702 91 12
Çankaya Neighbourhood, Barış Manço Boulevard, No:160/7 Zip Code :07025 Kepez / Antalya
  • Acardent is an Authorised International Health Provider by Ministry of Health in Turkey.
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