Why Acardent

There are plenty of reasons to choose Acardent but some of them are;

  • You get your treatment and take a vacation in a city that is one of the most developed and has the highest Health Tourism investment rate in Turkey.
  • Treatment and travel plans are customized before you arrive so as to therapy begins on the same day.
  • Treatment planning is tailor-made for each individual and you are treated at international clinic standards.
  • State of art technology equipment and the finest dental products are deployed in clinics. If requested, you may prefer any specific dental brand that you want to be used.
  • As an international health tourism provider, our clinic is monitored by the Ministry of Health regularly.
  • Each therapy is conducted by specialists who carried out countless cases in their respective fields.
  • Interview with dentist, examination and x-ray films are free of charge.
  • As an independent clinic we have no affiliations with intermediaries. Consequently, you do not pay for commissions or pre-payments.
  • Airport – hotel – clinic transfers are provided with VIP vehicles for free.
  • A private professional tourist guide is appointed for all of your requirements in Turkey without any cost.
  • Hotel accommodation expenses are covered.
  • Managing a clinic in Turkey is affordable in comparison to the UK and Europe. In this manner, you save up to 70% in Acardent.

Our Technology

Apex Locator

Apart from diagnostic radiography, our Endodontics team uses the Apex Locator to adjust the length of the root canal room by using the resistance to an electric current, offering the patient an almost painless and quick treatment.

Panoramic X-ray

The Panoramic Dental X-Ray utilizes a minimum dose of ionizing radiation to capture the entire mouth in one image. It is used by dentists and oral surgeons most of the time in everyday practice and be used to plan treatment for dentures, braces, extractions, and implants. Panoramic X-ray films are free of charge for our patients.

Laser Whitening

Our clinic provides the popular JPS Tooth Whitening system. In comparison with other tooth whitening procedures, which can take two hours or more to finalize, the “JPS Tooth Whitening” system gives perfect results in only an hour.


The Physiodispenser is equipment designed essentially for implantologists, but can also be used during other oral surgery procedures. The specialists can adjust the bone and other hard tissues just before an implant is positioned, thanks to utilizing this equipment. The procedure is quick, safe and comfortable for the patients.

Intra-oral Cam

An intraoral camera is a diagnostic tool used to view different angles in the mouth. Through the camera, the physician can take a closer look at problems that may arise. It is a camera system that helps the dentist in correct diagnosis since the intraoral image is transferred to a screen. At the same time, the patient can see his own mouth closely through a screen.


Our patient’s health and wellbeing are vitally important to Acardent Clinic. In order to hygienically clean the tools and equipment we use during dental procedures, sterilizing Technology Autoclave is benefitted. An Autoclave is a pressure chamber that uses pressurized steam (250 – 270 Fahrenheit) to sterilize the dental tools and equipment between 10-15 minutes.

Packaging Device

Dental equipment sterilized in the autoclave device must be packaged before being removed from the sterilization environment. This packaging process is done by responsible personnel with the help of special devices. In this way, the packaged equipment is used without deteriorating their sterilization in clinics. Each piece of equipment is used in a sterile way for each patient.

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Bone Surgery System

This ultrasonic vibration system helps dentists to provide the safest and effective treatment in oral, maxillofacial and dental implant surgeries. Dentists take advantage of it during sinus lift, implant site preparation, root and teeth preparation, and orthodontic surgeries. This equipment has been designed for situations where the patient has a deteriorated bone structure.

General Anaesthesia Services

Our clinic is capable of offering general anesthesia service for patients suffering from dental phobia or disabled patients hard to carry out dental operations. During the course of general anesthesia, the patient is supervised by a team of fully qualified anaesthetists and nursing assistants. While the patient sleeps our professional dental surgeons work to provide them with their desired treatments.

International Sterilization Standards

In the clinic, very strict hygiene policies are followed. Our sterilization and disinfection techniques meet the highest of international standards. These standards are followed by a team in an orderly manner. Deploying globally recognized hospital guidelines, specially trained personnel hermetically seal sterilized dental items in a spotlessly clean environment.

Diode Dental Laser Equipment

Dental lasers are mainly used for periodontal diseases.  Apart from gum diseases they are benefitted from operations such as; removal of tooth decay, the disinfection of a root canal, reducing sensitivity in teeth, blood clotting after tissue invasion, treatment of herpetic ulcers. They also provide impeccable accuracy and visibility for the dental surgeon, help weld titanium framework on multiple implants and decontaminating implants. In some cases, they also reduce the time of procedures.


Nearby Places from Clinic:

Acardent Clinic – Airport: 30 minutes

Acardent Clinic – Lara (hotels district): 25 minutes

Acardent Clinic – Beaches: 25 minutes

Acardent Clinic – Old town: 20 minutes

Acardent Clinic – Shopping centre: 15 minutes

  • Acardent is an Authorised International Health Provider by Ministry of Health in Turkey.
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