Choosing The Right Tooth Colour

Choosing the right Tooth Colour

This is a vital point. Choosing the colour of one single tooth restoration that has neighbouring natural teeth on either side is difficult. Thus, it is often left to the dentist’s experience. It is highly recommended in such a case. On the other side, if you are planning a new smile design you have the freedom to redesign your smile and your teeth colour completely. This is surely a hard decision you have to make through your new smile design. During your consultation, it should be discussed with the dentist what shade you want to achieve.

We deploy shade chart and scales which have the full range of porcelain colors available for laminate veneers or crown restorations. These help patients to judge differentiations. There are 16 colours to select from and our dentists are always along with you to assist you.

Some patients opt for the brightest white yet others prefer a darker shades of white that appear more natural. We always accommodate your preference. In addition, you always remember that it is not a good idea to look at a photograph in a magazine or a celebrity on TV and expect the same. It may be good on someone else but doesn’t mean it will be right option for you. While choosing your teeth color, these suggestions must be considered:

  • Generally the colour of your teeth should not be brighter than the whites of your eyes. Your eye level must always be the focal point in your face and the first feature that others are attracted to. If your teeth are whiter than your eyes, they detract attention from your eyes to your teeth and make them look unnatural. You may opt to choose the same white shade of your eyes and can create visual harmony.
  • Your skin complexion must also be considered. Normally, their teeth tend to appear whiter, the ones with darker skin tone. For this reason, it is a good idea for them to select a shade slightly darker since it will look whiter against the skin tone.
  • The lighting in the clinic is also crucial. On a cloudy day, the porcelain colour on the Shade Chart might appear darker compared to fair-weather. On a sunny day, it is vice versa. You should take your decision in natural light to guarantee the correct colour is seen.
  • Your age should be regarded. Younger people generally possess whiter teeth. It may not be judged natural if you are over the 60s with the whitest teeth.

Note: You are suggested to read the “Principles of Smile Design” article in our website for further information about teeth morphologies like shape, size, length and dimension formations.
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